Criminal Record Check (TNT RENEGADES LACROSSE)

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Criminal Record Checks

A Criminal Record Check (CRC) - with Vulnerable Sector is required to volunteer with TNTRLA.

New Volunteers

Option 1 - Print the CRC (below) & submit to our local OPP office (address on form).
Bring 2 pieces of photo ID & allow a few minutes to complete their form.
Our letter processes your request for FREE.
The turn-around is typically 4-6 weeks, but can be sooner.
Option 2 - Complete your own background check using Stirling Backcheck (link below).
Cost is reduced through our association to $27 (not reimbursed by TNTRLA).
The turnaround is 72 hours or less.

Once received - submit the ORIGINAL to Privacy Officer, Laura Martin.
If you would like to keep your original, it can be photocopied by the Privacy Officer & returned to you.

Returning Volunteers

A Criminal Record Check must only be submitted ONCE, as long as the OLA Offence Declaration Form is submitted ANNUALLY. If a year of volunteering is missed, you are considered a New Volunteer.
Print the form below, complete & submit original to Privacy Officer, Laura Martin.

Criminal Record Checks (CRC) and Offence Declaration forms (ORIGINALS) are to be submitted to club Registrar and Privacy Officer Laura Martin ([email protected]).

The club Privacy Officer is the ONLY individual in OLA who will see the CRC. 
If you need/want to keep your CRC, the original must still be presented to the Privacy Officer. A photocopy will be taken and original returned.

LINKS: (forms available Jan 2020)
Criminal Record Check
Criminal Record Check - Referee
Stirling Backcheck

Ontario Lacrosse Offense Declaration Form